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Over the years I've diversified my work to allow me to cover all sorts of topics that interest me. I've worked online and in print covering the entire scope of articles that a content producer might need to create, though I do tend to lean towards interview-led features due to my interest in the people behind the subject matter.

I've highlighted just some of my work below and put them into categories, though this is by no means a complete (or truly up-to-date) portfolio of work.



I've been lucky enough to branch into travel writing, an incredibly difficult industry to get into.

It's been a pleasure to do, naturally, being able to combine my passion for exploration with work. It's also helped me to understand exactly the sort of content that I like to write about: people.

Most of the work I've done as a travel writer has been in print and primarily surrounding my adopted home of Budapest, but as I've become more and more involved with travel writing I've been able to also create articles from cities all around Europe.

Retro Gamer

Tech & Videogames

Tech & Videogames

I began my career writing about videogames before later expanding into writing about tech -- the two pretty much go hand in hand, anyway.

Naturally I've countless examples of the work I've done in this field, both online and off. For the tech work, I've covered in-depth analysis about the latest hardware, written rumour roundups and comparison pieces, and I've rushed to write the news as it happens from the biggest conferences like CES or the Apple WDC.

As something of a tech obsessive myself, it's still rewarding for me to research and write about the newest advances in technology, AI, and computer hardware.

I started my career writing about videogames and, well, haven't stopped since.

I worked for some time as an editor of Imagine Publishing's biggest online portal, NowGamer, but over the years have plied my trade for a wide range of websites and magazines.

These days I tend to stick to print magazines, mostly because there's a pleasure to had in seeing your words designed up all nice like, but also because my preference for in-depth, interview-led articles typically lends itself well to magazine articles.

I've supplied here a couple of Retro Gamer articles, partly because I've worked with the magazine for years and years but also because these two in particular covered two games that were very important to me growing up and actually took a lot of effort tracking down interviewees.



In another life I might well have been a designer or engineer. This is an interest of mine that has permeated into all aspects of my life, since I like to question just how something has been designed to work in such a way: software interfaces, advertising, furniture.


I enjoy looking at things -- without the trained knowledge, of course -- and questioning how both its form and function were conceived to reach its goal.


As such, I've been writing articles that fit into this general category, though it's only a recent branch of my writing career. I started with 3D design, but have since moved into architecture and product design (due to be published).

It's great for me since I get to learn about a topic that fascinates me as I write, and that's always the best kind of work.

Project Management

Project Management

Throughout my career I've worked in a number of roles, but there have been times where I've had complete projects to turn into products, starting from initial planning through to the final, printed product. I've done this as a paid professional and as a freelancer, and so here are just some of the projects I've done.

The Minecraft Book

Many years ago, back when I was working for Imagine Publishing (now part of Future Publishing) I was the go-to guy for anything Minecraft. The opportunity to plan, schedule and produce content for this book was therefore given to me.

I didn't have full control over the product (it was a sort of test of my abilities, I suppose), but the majority of the decisions surrounding its content, page count and even cover design was at least first vetted through me.

As it turns out the product was intensely successful, but due to a licensing issue it was – frustratingly – removed from sale.

It was a great experience though, and meant further opportunities would later become open to me.

Build your own Gaming PC

For this I was working with Haynes Publishing on a freelance basis, where I was required to meet with two of the commissioners at the company and pitch not only my abilities and experience in project management of this scale, but also to explain how I would approach such a product.

It also required professional photography for each of the step-by-step images, and while much of that was done by an exterior source, any necessary replacements that I could supply I managed to do so.

Though the final decision ultimately came down to Haynes Publishing on much of the content and look of the book, I was required to provide insight and suggestions on every aspect of the product: from front and rear covers, content and captions and even the layout of otherwise templated pages.

PS4 The Complete Manual

To tie in with the release of the PS4, I was asked to help produce a user manual targeting less tech savvy users, such as parents buying the console for children at Christmas.

I planned the content, oversaw its production (including contacting and monitoring freelance work), provided sketches for the designers to work from and provided feedback on the design and information of the covers.

This was in addition to my day job, so for the weeks of its production I was required to balance the heavy workload required of this project with my own work and personal life.

Additionally I also planned the creation of an accompanying Xbox One Manual, which was then handed onto another editor to finalise the project.

It's a little harder for me to present my online work due to the ever-changing nature of it, but for as much experience as I have in print media I've considerably more in online – so here's a summary of my vast experience in online journalism.

For Ginx TV I worked as a remote contractor in charge of guiding the website into its new target demographic of esports gaming. This meant utilising my knowledge of HTML and WordPress to redesign the website in keeping with the new company branding, plan and schedule content in line with upcoming major competitive esports events and work alongside external freelancers to ensure a steady flow of content.

I began my career working on NowGamer at Imagine Publishing as a staff writer before being promoted over the years until I was working as the editor of the website. During these 4-5 years I helped or oversaw the move to two different CMS, reach 3 million unique users in one month and build a considerable social media following. This includes a focus on YouTube and Twitch content, despite limited resources. As editor I controlled the content on the site, ensured colleagues followed strict web practices and planned content for important releases and industry events.

Online Work

Part of Kotaku's external freelance contractors after having written news stories to cover for absences within the internal team.

Wrote reviews for videogames and articles based on interviews of preview hands-on with early access titles.

Covered a range of content types after pitching articles to the editor. Primarily wrote feature-style articles.

Wrote content for the Fnatic esports team's main website, focusing on particular players and results of recent games.

Create content as and when needed to fill gaps in the website's coverage.

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