Just who the hell am I? 

  'What do you do?'  

  A simple question. An ordinary question. A common question. It always sounds far more 

  pretentious in my head than perhaps it actually is, but the answer is easy: my name's Adam Barnes, and I'm a writer.  

 For some inexplicable reason that's the route I decided to take, and here I am - somehow. 

 I've worked in the publishing industry for eight years now, starting out writing about video games of all things. It meant anticipating the phrase '...but all you do is play games all day', it meant forcefully downplaying the presumed glamour of it all

 and it meant churning out content - one page at a time. I've worked in print, I've worked online, I've attended events and interviewed personal heroes. And now, I freelance. 

 Nowadays I'm a little more eclectic. I write about technology and gadgets, travel and cooking, software and 3D design. Without putting too fine a point on it, my experience is pretty vast. I've edited print publications and all that entails - everything from planning through to proofreading. I've sourced news daily and covered the biggest conferences 

the world has to offer. I've tracked down interviews with some of the most elusive characters 

and created insightful articles based on the results. 

 I'm not only a writer, though. I've worked as an editor, a social media manager, a photographer 

 and even a short stint as a production editor. At the risk of sounding arrogant (though this

is my website, remember), I'm an expert in this field; I've filled the role of every

possible link in the chain at one point or another. 

 Below you'll find just some of the work I've done; it'll never be a comprehensive list (look, I have stuff to do, okay?) but it should be enough proof of my experience in the media industry.

 The work that I've done... 

  This is just a handful of some of the magazine articles I've worked on over the years...  

  Click on the articles themselves for some insight into my favourites in a more detailed portfolio page

  where you'll also find some of the websites I've worked with, too.  


 ...and the photos I took

  While my work primarily concerns words, increasingly I am being paid for my photography too.  

  I thought it high time to add some of those shots into my portfolio as well – I like to show off, I suppose.  

  This is only a small collection so far but, it's growing rapidly in volume and diversity...  


  (And sorry about the huge photo of me pretending to be serious)  

  As fascinated as you may well be by me and my life, I'm under no  

  illusion that this site is anything more than a portfolio.  

  But all the same, if you've a reason to contact me – even if it's  

  to let me know about your new pet iguana, Richard – then  

  feel free to fling a message my way.  

  I'll be in touch as soon as I can; such is the beauty of the internet,  

  I suppose you could be an anonymous contact box away from becoming my  

  new best friend.  

 Have something to say? 


The contents of this site (and its design) were all created by me, but the ownership of any paid work remains the property of the respective publishing company that it was originally published with.

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